Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Almost European.

I woke up on Friday morning to find out that instead of a short flight, we had to drive to Auckland because of that stupid ash cloud. :(

It was a two day long drive (which I had to spend crammed in a car with Maysie!), but there was a prize at the end, my WONDERFUL cousins, Sean, Sam and Nicky.

As we reached Auckland, bad weather caused the first leaps of the Europe trip to be a bit of a stinker, but all was well, as the 35degreee country of Hong Kong awaits the arrival of King James the Great (well, thats what my imagination tells me)

Hot Hong Kong.


I wake up on a cold carpet floor to remember my first ever flight out of the country is today! I began to pack and prepare for what we think is the first great leap into are awesome trip.
For most of that day i spent watching T.V at nanas but at about four we went over to my cousins for a nice family tea.
then after tea it was some quick good byes and we where out of there!!
We go on the plane to find all the things we needed on the set.
The T.V was great to lots of songs and movies to watch but like every flight you need a bit of a nap so about 4 hours into the flight i was out for about 4 or so hours.
We arrived in Hong Kong just after that and felt like we were in a fire place!!! The temp that day was 33 Dg!!! Wicked hot!
we went for a walk and went to the hotel then went for a nice swim to cool off.
As i wright this i lay in bed looking outside the 24 story building we are staying in! hoping all goes well in the flight tomorrow.

Arriving in London.

After staying in Hong Kong for what seemed like ages, we flew over to London! Jet lag hit James pretty bad :P He got rather confused if it was 8 in the morning or night. Today, we have been shopping And are about to go have a pub lunch.
The weathers nice and it hasn't rained so far.

Pilot Trianing.

I got on the plane to go to london. after about 6 hours of sitting on the plane i walked up to the Flight attendent and asked him if a could help out around the plane, next thing i now i was rubish boy.
he then asked me to say on the load speaker what was for lunch but i declined. i was a bit to scared.
for doing this i got a massave bag of alirline lollies!!!!
and 2 packs of playing cards and a awesome trip to the cockpit at the end!!!
all together the best flight so far.


Just got to london with pretty bad jet lage but all was well to get to finally meet my Aunty Anne.
After the meeting with family we had tea and i was of to bed. I woke up the next morning to find it was four in the morning!! so i sat down and watched T.V till everyone was up.
That day we went down town in Chelmsford. We bought some things but the thing i wanted was a pair of red Tarten skinny jeans (;
Pretty snazzy.
After that we came home and sat down to talk.
Tomorrow we leave to the Family Reunion.