Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The last week.

I have just realized that this week is the last week i will spend on my great adventure. Its been i great and long trip that I will remember for a long time to come. I can mostly remember the family reunion, that was great and the awesome trip to Spain. but sadly everythig must come to a end so this will be my second last blog for mt trip. So for 2015 i will have a new blog open for that trip.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Spanish for a week.

For four days so far a have been in Spain with my awesome cousins Carlos Carolina and Eric.
Its really hot in spain and i really like the heat so its awesome here. There dad Mark brought home the coolest car ever!! its a convertible Tesla roadster!
Its 100,000 euros worth of car!! witch in new Zealand dollars is around 180,000 Dollars!!
We went to the water park for a day and that was awesome too and did some tanning.
Altogether a great week ahead for the Scott family.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Scotland pipe band practice.

I went to get my Bagpipes tuned by my antie Anne,s friend and he asked me if i wanted to play with him and his band which i might add is the 5 oldest band in Scotland!!
We went to London for a day we did some cool stuff there and at the end of the day we went over to the army hall and met up with him. When i walked in a was AMAZED! at the sound the band can make it was awesome!
We started of with just chanters and then we went on to the bagpipes.
It was awesome fun and a good memory to remember.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

James Scott International Newspaper Star!!!!!

I have been waiting to find out that my name and photo was in newspapers all over Europe!
My family and I were at the Farne Islands just off the north England coast at Lindisfarne. when a bird started dive bombing me! a press photographer took my photo and asked Dad could he sell the photo to newspapers all over the world. So now I'm in France, Italy, UK, and New York Papers!!!
Today we got up early and left the hotel in Donegal. we took the ferry from northern ireland back to Scotland.
Mum showed us all around her home town of dumfries. it was cool and we looked at her schools and the rowing club on the Nith river.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


These last two days we have walked all over Galway. It is a beautiful port town with special restaurants and alleyways. I bought a tin whistle and had a quick lesson from one of the local buskers who heard me play. Today we went up to Rosscommon where nanas family come from. It was beautiful and there are still lots of Spellman's there. One own's a local pub!

Tomorrow were off to Sligo and staying overnight in Donegal.

The luck of the Irish!!

Ireland could not be any better!
First the Ferry was awesome and the cousins Tadgh and Tom were cool but best of all as a right this blog im sitting in my b&b room thinking of the coffee i had last night!!!! it was good
I've got lots of stuff for friends from Ireland so cant wait to get home.
But for now im kicking back and watching the good old Irish weather. (Rain)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy Birthday to you......

Just had my baby cousins first Birthday!!
He was such a good boy for it. Got some awesome pressys from family. Got a new swig and Trian and a big silver car (:
I got to go on the big lawn mower haha.
Great fun and all around a great day for vincent, Untie Pim and Uncle Andrew and the Scott Family.

Family Reunion

Great Great great is all i can say.
What a croovy bunch of family. Just had the best Family Reunion with all the family.
And the best bit i got to see my new baby cousins Vincent hes soooooooo cute!
We did lots of cool stuff like walks and a boat ride out to some awesome islands. There i got to go in the London, New York, and France News paper!!! wicked fun.