Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hot Hong Kong.


I wake up on a cold carpet floor to remember my first ever flight out of the country is today! I began to pack and prepare for what we think is the first great leap into are awesome trip.
For most of that day i spent watching T.V at nanas but at about four we went over to my cousins for a nice family tea.
then after tea it was some quick good byes and we where out of there!!
We go on the plane to find all the things we needed on the set.
The T.V was great to lots of songs and movies to watch but like every flight you need a bit of a nap so about 4 hours into the flight i was out for about 4 or so hours.
We arrived in Hong Kong just after that and felt like we were in a fire place!!! The temp that day was 33 Dg!!! Wicked hot!
we went for a walk and went to the hotel then went for a nice swim to cool off.
As i wright this i lay in bed looking outside the 24 story building we are staying in! hoping all goes well in the flight tomorrow.

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